WaxFree FFPE RNA Extraction Kit

TrimGen’s WaxFreeTM RNA Extraction Kit employs a specially formulated non-toxic Q solution to remove paraffin and uses a non-binding, non-elution method to efficiently extract RNA from tissue from the FFPE samples.  This simple method eliminates RNA loss commonly seen in the traditional column or bead-based extraction methods that typically lose 30-40% of the RNA due to insufficient binding or incomplete elution. 

Sample Requirements
One FFPE section (tissue size 1 x 1 cm2 and 10 um thick) is sufficient for RNA extraction that is sufficient for up to 15 RT-PCR reactions.  A short protocol without the deparaffinization and washing steps can be used for fresh or frozen tissues or fine needle aspiration (FNA) samples.

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WaxFreeTM RNA Extraction Kit

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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