STA Technology


Shifted Termination Assay (STA) is TrimGen’s patented technology for mutation detection. The technology can be used to detect any type of mutation with high sensitivity and accuracy. 

How it works
STA is an unique primer extension method uses proprietary reagets to selectively extend a primer with multiple nucleotides including fluorescent dye labeled nucleotides. The method enzymatic enrich mutation signal 20-40 times to increase detection sensitivity. The extended primers are then separated using a capillary sequencer or other type of capillary electrpphoresis instrument.  


Clear-cut results
As shown in the figure above, the mutant peak is easily identified by both size and color

Sequencing-like Accuracy
Compare to other mutation detection methods, STA method has more sequence specific selection steps: sequence specific PCR, sequence selective primer extension, enzymatic nucleotide selection.  The mutation is confirmed by frasgment size and fluorescent color.  

PCR-like Sensitivity
STA reagets enrich mutation signal 20-40 times by a enzymatic reaction to detect low level (1-2%) mutations.  Below is side-by-side comparison with Sanger sequencing, STA method identifies GAC mutation that missed by Sanger sequencing.

Established assay method and provide results in 3 hours 

The STATM test provides result in 3 hours with 4 simple steps.  The method has been used in laboratories worldwide since 2004 and can be found in many academic publications.  The STA assays are designed for use with industry standard capillary sequencers. User can perform the assay with any one of the Applied Biosystems® 3100, 3130, 3500 and 3700 series Genetic Analyzers. 



Use existing Sequencer (Applied Biosystems® 3100, 3130, 3500, 3700 series Genetic Analyzer) as detection platform

STA Advantages

Compare to PCR:  STA's multiplex capability tests more mutations in a single test.

Compare to Sanger sequencing: STA is more sensitive to detect low level mutations.

Compare to NGS: 3 hours test and a fraction cost of NGS


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