Pathogen Detection

Pathogen detection kits are developed based on TrimGen’s eQ-PCRTM technology, a sensitive detection method for identifying low copies of DNA. This technology utilizes special chemistry to enhance the fluorescent signals of traditional real-time PCR eQ-PCRTM technology is a highly sensitive assay platform for fast, accurate detection.

All pathogen detection products are closed-tube, walk away assays that eliminate any contamination.  The procedures are user friendly and most of  tests can be complete in 1 hour.   
Assay Information
Assay method  eQ-PCRTM technology
Sample required 10-100 ng DNA
Assay Time  1-1.5 hours
Instrument requiredAny real-time PCR instruments 

Order Information 

Product Name

Cat. No.Subtypes Detected SizeDocuments
Enterovirus detection kitEP211

Detect >72 subtype including EnV-D68 see list

32 rxnsManual,  Product Flyer
HSV detection kitEP209Detect herpes virus type 1 and 2 32 rxnsProduct Flyer
HSV-EnV differentiation kit CM201Differentiate HSV DNA (type 1 & 2) and EnV RNA32 rxnsProduct Flyer
HBV detection kit EP200Detect Hepatitis B virus cccDNA32 rxnsProduct Flyer
JEV detection kitEP204Detect Japanese encephalitis virus32 rxnsProduct Flyer
WNV detection kitEP202Detect West Nile Virus 32 rxnsProduct Flyer
Shgatoxin producing bacteria detection kit AEP300aDetect Shiga toxin-producing bacteria Stx132 rxnsProduct Flyer
Shgatoxin producing bacteria detection kit BEP300bDetect Shiga toxin-producing bacteria Stx 232 rxnsProduct Flyer
Clostridium difficile detection kit EP510
Detection of the Clostridium difficile bacteria Toxin B
32 rxnsProduct Flyer

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.