All-in-One Test

iGeneQuick method allows users to make a test panel by selecting gene primer sets.  After target gene amplification, iGeneQuick method combines all samples into a single tube for a single step library optimization. The whole process of library preparation can be completed in 1.5 hours.  The iGeneQuick library only contains desired target genes, increases the efficiency of sequencing output and allows user to test more samples in a single run.  For example, iGeneQuick library can test more than 20 patients (average 10 amplicons /2000 reads) with Ion torrent 314 chip (the smallest sequencing chip) in a single run.    


All-in-One Application 1:  Combine different samples, different genes to a single tube test, to make laboratory's daily testing simple. 



All-in-One Application 2:  Customize your own gene panel and screen hundreds of samples with high efficiency.