iGeneQuick - Fast NGS Library Preparation, Small Panels for Clinical Testing

iGenequick is a NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) library preparation method designed for target sequencing, with 2 steps in 1.5 hours.  iGeneQuick method allows users to select targeted genes to make their own test panel or use pre-optimized gene panels designed for clinical applications.  With iGeneQuick method, laboratories can perform ALL-in-ONE test - many different tests in a single tube to save time, labor and cost

  • Test more samples in asingle run.   
  • Screen hundreds of samples with less cost and fast results.
  • Create your own NGS assay/panel for any target gene(s). 

Step 1   Amplification of target genes - 40 min

  • 20 cycles PCR 
  • Input DNA:  5-100 ng
  • Instrument: Thermal cycler
  • Time: 40 min



Step 2   NGS Optimization - 40 min

Transfer PCR products from all samples into one tube (All-in-One), perform the NGS library optimization using NGS-Opti reagents. The library is ready after this step. 

  • Reagents:  NGS-Opti reagents
  • Instrument:  Thermal Cycler
  • Time: 40 min


The Differences     



Two steps vs multiple steps

Minimized human errors
Save time
Save labor
Save cost



Increase output of each test run
A fixed gene panel contains many unnecessary genes that  share data output with your target genes, it will limit the sample input per test run.  iGeneQuick  method tests only the selected genes, the method allows user to test more samples per test run with increasing data output

Test Any Genes
Using iGeneQuick universal reagents, you can either select primer sets from the list below or customize your own gene panel. We provide a custom design service to assist you in making your own test panels. 
Low background
The library generated using iGeneQuick method shows low sequencing background, making it easy to analyze low level mutation.

Universal Reagents

Product Name  Detail Information
iGeneQuick kit 
Cat. igQ-50
50 reactions

Universal reagents for NGS library preparation 


  • Master mix for PCR  
  • HGS-Opti reagents 
  • Control DNA

Gene Panels

Gene PanelDescriptionCat No. 
Ion Torrent
Cat No.
Cancer Basic Panel

Detect over 350 mutations in 

KRAS Exon 2, 3, 4 
NRAS exon 2, 3, 4
Exon 18, 19, 20, 21
BRAF Exon 11, 15

Colon cancer panel

Detect over 150 mutations in 

KRAS Exon 2, 3, 4 
NRAS exon 2, 3, 4
BRAF Exon 11, 15

Lung cancer (NSCLC) panelDetect over 300 mutations in EGFR  Exon 18, 19, 20, 21
KRAS Exon 2, 3, 4 
NRAS exon 2, 3, 4
Melanoma panel

Detect over 150 mutations in

BRAF  Exon 11, 15
KIT Exon 9, 11, 13 
NRAS exon 2, 3, 4

Brain tumor panelDetect over 100 mutations in 
IDH1 Exon 4 
IDH2 Exon 4
PTEN Exon 7
Thyroid cancer panelDetect over 100 mutations in 
BRAF Exon 11, 15
KRAS Exon 2, 3, 4 
NRAS exon 2, 3, 4
Leukemia panel 1Detect  mutations in 
Leukemia panel 2Detect mutations in 
Leukemia panel 3Detect mutations in 
JAK2 617, JAK2 Exon12, CARL, MPL






























Gene Primer Sets 

Customer can pick any primer sets to make your own test panel or add gene to the gene panel listed above.  
We provide custom design for the primer set that not listed in above, please contact us at inforequest@trimgen.com 
GeneDescriptionCat No. 
Ion Torrent
Cat No.
KRAS KRAS Exon 2, 3, 4 TP009 
NRASNRAS exon 2, 3, 4TP010 
EGFRExon 18, 19, 20, 21TP011 
BRAFExon 11, 15TP012 
PIK3Exon 9, 20TP013 
KITExon 9, 11, 13TP014 
PTENExon 5, 6, 7TP015 
JAK2Exon 12, 14TP016 
MPLExon 10TP017 
CARLExon 9TP018


MYD88Exon 5TP019 
MTHFRExon 4, 7TP020 
NPM1Exon 12TP021 
FLT3Exon 11, 12TP022 
UGT1A1UGT1A1 promoter  regionTP023