STA Core Reagents

STA Core reagents are designed for detect any mutation using TrimGen's proprietary STA technology.  Combining STA core reagents, customers can use their own gene specific primers to detect target mutation in any gene

  • Flexible - You can use CORE kit combine with your primer sets to detect any mutation in target gene. 
  • Accurate - Mutations are double-confirmed by fragment size and fluorescent color. 
  • Comprehensive coverage - Detect all possible mutations in target base, for example "A" changed to C, G or T.
  • Multiplexing capability - Can detect multiple mutation in a single tube. 
  • Easy Data Analysis - clear-cut results show wild type and mutation peak only ("See the Peak, See the Mutation").

Assay Method: Shifted Termination assay and fragment analysis
Assay Platform: Capillary Electrophoresis Sequencer (ABI Bioanalyzer 3100, 3700, 3130, 3500)
Assay Time: 3 hours

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Product NameMutations Interrogated SizeDocuments
Cor-AMutectorTM Core Reagents AUniversal reagents for detection of point mutations32 rxnProduct Flyer


MutectorTM Core Reagents C

Universal reagents for detection of deletion, insertion, and translocations

32 rxn

Product Flyer


Application Examples:

                                                                        BRAF                    CALR                    EGFR                    FLT3                    IDH1                     

                                                                        IDH2                     JAK2                     KRAS                    MPL1                  NPM1                     

                                                                        NRAS                   PIK3CA                WT1                       CYP2D6              CYP2C9  

                                                                        Factor II              Factor V

Our experts will help you to design a special mutation detection, please contact us for more information


Below are example of mutation detection:

BRAF V600E mutation detection from FFPE samples (Single tube test):

JAK2 V617F mutation detection from FFPE samples (Single tube test):

KRAS codon 61 mutation detection from FFPE samples (Single tube test):

NRAS codon 12 mutation detection from FFPE samples (Single tube test):


KRAS codon 12 mutation detection from FFPE samples (Single tube test):

CYP2D6  genotyping from blood samples (Single tube test):