Oncology Mutation Analysis - STA Method

TrimGen's STA technology has been used to mutation analysis. The STA assay provides results in 3 hours with PCR-like sensitivity and sequencing-like accuracy. The STA mutation detection kits include all reagents and primer sets for the assay.  We also provide the STA core reagents kit that include the universal reagents for labeling and enriching mutation signal.  User can combine the core reagents kit with any selected gene primers to perform mutation analysis.


Assay Information
Assay method  Shifted Termination Assay (STA)
Sample required 10-100 ng DNA
Assay Time  3 hours
Instrument required

Thermal cycler
Capillary sequencer ABI 3100, 3700, 3130, 3500    


Product Information

Product NameCat. No.Targeted Mutations 
KRASGP05-C3KRAS Exon 2, Codons 12, 13
KRAS PlusGP06PKRAS Exon 3 & 4, Codons 61, 117, 146
NRASGP18NRAS exon 2, Codons 12, 13
NRAS PlusGP19PNRAS Exon 3 & 4, Codons 61, 117, 146
BRAFGP02-EKBRAF Exon 2, Codon V600
 CALRGP20Insertions/Deletions in exon 19

The following assays are performed using STA core reagents kits

Product NameCat. No.Targeted Mutations 
EGFRCOR-AExon 18,  20, 21 point mutations
EGFRCOR-CDetect 120 deletions and insertion in Exon 19, 20 
PIK3CACOR-DExon 6, 9 point mutations
UGT1A1COR-CUGT1A1 promoter 7 TA repeats (UGT1A1*28)
JAK2  COR-AExon 14 Codon V617F
JAK2 (exon 12) COR-CExon 12 deletions
FLT3COR-AExon 20  Internal tandem duplications (ITD)
MYD88COR-CExon 8  Codon 265 (L265P)
NPM1COR-AExon 12 Insertions
MPLCOR-AExon 10  W515L,  W515K and S505N
IDH1 / IDH2COR-AExon 4  R132HR132CR132SR132L, and R132G
ABL MutationsCOR-AM244VQ252HY253F/H. E255K/V. T315IM351T