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FDA 510(k) cleared
eQ-PCR LC Warfarin Genotyping kit Genotyping 2C9*2, 2C9*3 and VKORC1 in one hour.
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STA Core Reagents

DNA/RNA extraction from FFPE and FNA Samples
WaxFree DNA/RNA extraction kits have high yield and can be applied to PCR, sequncing, methylation, microarray, next generation sequencing and micro RNA.
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Testing Services
    KRAS mutation panel
    B-raf mutation panel
    PIK3CA mutation panel
    EGFR mutation panel

Quick turnaround time and
affordable pricing
New - STA Core Reagents
The STA Core Reagents are designed based on proprietary STA technology, used in the Mutector II assay, to detect mutations and SNPs. STA Core Reagents offer customer flexibility in detecting multiple mutations across different genes.
STA technology
eQ-PCR technology
Our exclusive STA and eQ-PCR
technology can be tailored to any
customer's particular need.
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