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Monitor Your Assay System With

TrueCopyTM Mutation Controls
Reliable controls for all test platforms

TrueCopy Mutation Controls are made by recombinant DNA and contain known amounts of mutant and wild type DNA. TrueCopy is able to assess both the accuracy and the sensitivity of your mutation detection test. TrueCopy has been tested on and shows consistent performance in real-time PCR, primer extension, Sanger sequencing and next generation sequencing.

  • Mutation is confirmed by next generation sequencing
  • Available – 5%, 10% and 30% mutations
  • Comprehensive coverage – common and rare mutations

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Detect All Types of Mutations With

Advantages over PCR and sequencing

The Shifted Termination Assay (STA) is a proprietary multi-base primer extension method. This method has sequencing-like accuracy and more than ten times higher sensitivity. The multiplex detection overcomes drawbacks of PCR and sequencing. This method simultaneously detects multiple mutations in the same tube and allows user to test more mutations per clinical sample than other methods.

  • Multiplex detection - reduces cost and labor
  • Uses less DNA and tests more mutations
  • Designed for FFPE/FNA samples
  • Simple protocol and same day results

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